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Coming to Market This Saturday, November 21st

Weekly updates to market attendance will be posted every Friday.


Alnwyck FarmThis week I will have cauliflower (white and green) romanesco, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, cabbage (red and green) lettuce, pac choy, vivid choy, kohlrabi, radishes, radicchio, sweet potatoes and potatoes (red, Yukon, heirloom and fingerlings.

Old Homestead Farm - We still have fresh string beans this week, this will be the last before next week's cold nights. Also bringing our usual assortment of November favorites: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, red beets, leeks, fennel, turnips, Brussels sprouts, celery, scallions, salad mix, potatoes, butternut, spaghetti & acorn squash, lettuce, kale and chard.

Two Gander Farm - We'll be bringing tons of sweet, crisp carrots this week, mountains of beautiful broccoli, lots of freshly cut fennel, radicchio, and microgreens. Our Certified Organic fall greens are tasting great this time of the year:  spinach, arugula, red russian kale, salad mix, curly kale, swiss chard and parsley. Also-  red and golden beets, purple kohlrabi, chinese cabbage and red and green cabbage. Storage crops for your Thanksgiving meal: Sweet potatoes, butternuts, and Long Island Cheese Pumpkins.  Also: Raw Honey

Meat, Poultry, Eggs

Canter Hill Farm - at market the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. 

Gauker Farms - Gauker Farms will be at Downingtown Farmers Market for our final market of the year. We will participate in the winter market through pre-orders only (Jodi and Lee will not be at the market!). Check our website or Facebook for winter market locations and farm and Callie updates - www.gaukerfarms.com. We want to thank you all for a great season, and we hope to see you again in the spring!

M & M Creek Valley Farm - Holiday specials include: $2 off Shoulders and Chops (regularly $12 per lb.), $1 off Country Bacon (regularly $10 per lb.), and $1 off Fresh Sausage (regularly $7 per lb.). Have a house full of guests - stock up on breakfast meats! You can still purchase a pork share with us and reserve your order for the market by emailing us at creekvalleyfarmpa@gmail.com.

Bakeries and Pasta

A La Maltaise - Will be back soon!

Dia Doce - Will be back soon.

Saint Peters Bakery - Will update their schedule soon.

Waffatopia - At market this Saturday, just in time for Thanksgiving week! Holiday guests love waffles for breakfast - stock up on our Belgium Style Liege Waffles!

Speciality Products

Black Walnut Winery -  Black Walnut Winery will be bringing with us all of our wines that we feel will pair well with your Thanksgiving dinner. Also don't forget that we are still doing our Toys for Tots toy collection. If you bring a new and unwrapped to the market you will receive $7.00 of your wine purchase.

Hazel and Ash - Will be back soon.

Kastania Olive Oil - Will be back soon.

OMG Smoothies - Sad to say, but OMG Smoothies' season at the Downingtown Farmers Market has officially ended. Thank you for a great season!  

Sweet Salvation Truffles - Will be back soon.

Tally Ho Coffee - At market monthly.

Winsome Tea Co. - Will be back in a few weeks.


Neil's Sharpening Service - Will be back in time to sharpen up your turkey carving tools! Date to be announced soon.

Mark your calendar - the Downingtown Farmers Market will reopen for our 2015 season on May 9th, in the Dane Decor Warehouse Parking Lot (on Washington Ave., right behind the store) from 9AM - 1PM.

We are so excited for our new location; many thanks the folks from Dane Decor for allowing us to use their property!

The 2015 market season promises to be fantastic! We have lots of farmers and food producers, all local, signed up for the market this year. You'll recognize most of them, but we have a few new folks to welcome to the market this year. Our list will be out in a few weeks - we'll let you know on Facebook!

We like to keep you entertained at the market - know a musician who might be interested in playing at the market - have them contact us.

We've got a few new tricks up our sleeve for the 2015 season. Be sure you're signed up for the weekly newsletter to stay informed of all of our events. You can sign up for the newsletter below.

Have a high school or college student interested in the farmer market - we're always looking for interns - contact us!

Community Farmers Markets are great! 

Why shop at the Downingtown Farmers Market - Top Ten Reasons To Shop at a Farmers Market:

  1. Our farmers and food producers are all located within 35 miles of Downingtown, giving local farmers and small food businesses the opportunity to sell their product directly to you, the consumer. Keeping the money, and the talent, in our community.
  2.  By supporting our local farmers in their business, you are also supporting the development of our local food system, enabling our region to increase agricultural sustainability.
  3. Produce at the market is as fresh as can be, often times picked the day of the market. The fresher the produce, the higher the nutrient value of that produce.
  4. You, the shopper, have the opportunity to talk with the person who grew, raised or made your food. Want to know how a farmer raises his chickens, you can ask him. Were the berries treated with chemicals - just ask the gal that grew them. Any nuts in the cookies - ask. You get the idea. Farmers markets give you the opportunity to learn all about where your food came from.  
  5. Learn to eat with the season, when produce is at its peak. Why, well it tastes better, and it's higher in nutrients. Plus - it's cheaper - the bounty of each season means there are usually great deals on that item. Buy it fresh, eat it fresh, or preserve it to enjoy in the winter. 
  6. Bring the kids - farmers markets offer a great educational opportunity to teach your kids where food comes from. Show them to appreciate that food is not something out of a can, or a jar, or the frozen food section of the supermarket. A farmer raised his animals, grew the produce, milked the cow. A baker kneaded the bread, and so on.
  7. Eat whole foods. Learn to cook with basic ingredients you find at the market to create wonderful dishes. The farmers market blog will give you great ideas of what to do with that vegetable you bought at the market, but never saw before in your life. 
  8. Farmers market are a community event. Stop by to shop with folks who have the same philosophy as you when it comes to food.
  9. Help to protect our environment by shopping at the market. Our farmers are conscious stewards of the earth. They practice organic farming techniques, state of the are animal husbandry, water management, and more. And they are passionate about it - just ask them!   
  10. Farmers markets often become the stimulus to foodie wanna be's to start their own food related business. We love new recruits! 

Suggestions for the Downingtown Farmers Market - Please email us!

And, again, many thanks to the folks at Dane Decor!

Check out our new location?

We are located in the Dane Decor Warehouse Parking Lot, just behind the store. 


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