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Coming to Market This Saturday, July 25th

Weekly updates to market attendance will be posted every Friday.


Alnwyck FarmThis week I will be bringing certified organic bi-colored sweet corn for .$50/ ear. It will be picked the morning of the market, YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT !!! I will also be bringing several types of beans (green, dragon tongue, French filet, yellow wax), purple potatoes, baby cabbage (red and green), Chinese cabbage, kale, dandelion greens, pac choy, leeks, green peppers, cucumbers, 3 types of zucchini and a limited amount of tomatoes and okra. Also, a selection of fresh herbs.

Frecon Farms - Forget the napkins. Get a towel! These peaches are juicy. Light rains, 90 degree heat, high humidity …..yup its officially Peach season in Pennsylvania and we've got new varieties coming in daily. Let NASA have Pluto, we've got Saturns! The picking is good and we with have these other planetary peaches at markets this Saturday including: Sweet Scarlet, Flaming Fury, 8 Ball, Sentry, Glenglo, and White Peaches. BLUEBERRIES: Blueberries continue in abundance. Pre order flats by calling 610-367-6200. Plums: Methley Plums aka Sugar Plums, Shiro and Ozark Premier. Apricots: Last week for Apricots. We finished harvesting today. It was a great season…..see you next year I hopeCidery @ Frecons Farms: Early Man (now available in  12oz bottles), Crabby Granny, Hoggs Head, Appfelwein (a still cider styled after the ciders of Frankfurt), Mother Mary's Apple Cider Vinegar - Garlic and Honey.

Old Homestead Farm - Harvesting this week: cantaloupe, sweet corn, green and wax beans, tomatoes, beets, zucchini, squash, and cukes. Basil and other herbs.

Two Gander Farm - Watermelon!!!  3 colors:  red, yellow and orange! Don't miss out on our beautiful heirlooms, cherry tomatoes and paste tomatoes- great diversity and flavor! Also: Salad mix and microgreens are back! Eggplant: Italian (3 types) and Japanese (2 types), Peppers: purple and green bell, poblano and jalapeno, Cucumbers: slicing, Squash: yellow, green and mixed patty pans, Bunching greens: swiss chard and curly kale, Beets: red and golden, Onions: candy, sierra blanca, red long of tropea. Also: purple cabbage and parsley.

Meat, Poultry, Eggs

Canter Hill Farm - Canter Hill will have lots of FRESH this weekend with fresh chicken, fresh sausage and duck!  We have replenished supplies of lamb and pork, so grab them while we have them (next processing is the 3rd week in August).  Summer is the best time to "spice up" your old favorites - add ground pork and ground lamb to your meatballs or mix our garlic and wine chicken sausage into your lasagna for an AMAZING flavor burst!  Looking for kid-friendly breakfasts?  Try our caseless breakfast sausage on a pizza crust with bacon bits, Canter Hill eggs and diced tomatoes and basil (add the tomatoes for the last 2 minutes to keep the crust crisp).  

Gauker Farms - We'll have burgers, hot dogs, steaks, and sausages for your grill. Enjoy $7.50 per pound sirloin steaks and 2 for $10 ground beef. Don't forget to pick up your invitation and make plans to attend our annual Fun on the Farm Day on Sunday, August 9!

M & M Creek Valley Farm - the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of the month.


Conebella Farm - Cow's milk cheese: Cheddar and Colby; cheese spreads too.

Shellbark Hollow Farm - Goat milk cheese - fresh and aged. Stop by for a sample tomorrow. 

Bakeries and Pasta

A La Maltaise - On the menu this week: cannoli, torta di ricotta (an Italian cheesecake), biscotti, chocolate, anise amaretti (almond macaroons), crostate di limone e mandore (lemon and almond pastries), torta sabbiosa (an Italian sand/pound cake), torta di frutta (upside-down cake, assorted fruits), biscotti di marmellata (jam-filled cookies).

Dia Doce - cupcakes, flavors change weekly - check out their Facebook for flavor teasers!

Frecon Farms Bakery - New Items: Peach & Strawberry Pie - Fresh Peaches and Strawberries, a flakey butter crust and crumb topping.PIES: Apple, Bourbon Apple, Blueberry, Tart Cherry, Peach, Bourbon Peach. BREADS: Rosemary Olive Oil, Multigrain, Salted Rye, Sourdough, Sun Dried Tomato, Garden Herb. FOCACCIA: Sweet Corn Bacon, Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil (Caprese). MUFFINS: Lemon Blueberry, Spiced Peach, Cheddar Bacon Onion. QUICHE:Tomato Onion, Sausage Pepper Onion, Garden Veggie. COOKIES: Chocolate Cherry, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Lemon Sugar. DONUTS: Peach Cider.

Saint Peter's Bakery - Peaches and Blueberries are in season and so are our Pies! And Peach Almond Tarts are on the menu as well - Peaches baked in almond cream, with a Pâte Brisée crust. Soft Semolina rolls for all your cookout needs.Fresh Baguettes, Olive Bread, Multi Grain (7 Grain) Bread, Spinach and Feta Cheese Bread,  Cinnamon Swirl Bread, 100% Whole Wheat bread, Rustic White, Apple Raisin Walnut Bread and a full line of Fresh Croissants.  It is still Blueberry season, which means Fresh Blueberry Pies are still available!  Pre-orders are always a great idea and very much appreciated, you can email us @ Info@SaintPetersBakery.com or give us a call 610-469-7501. Pre-orders are a must due to the warm temperatures.

Vera Pasta - At market the first and third week of the month.

Waffatopia - will be back next week.

Speciality Products

Anita's Guacamole - back this week with their delicious guacamole, tomato salsa and mango salsa, chips too!

Big Poppy's Kettle Corn - Non-GMO popcorn, sweet, salty, irresistible!

Black Walnut Winery - All of our wines are made from locally grown fruit and produced at the winery located in Sadsburyville, PA (just west of Coatesville). Each week we are at the market we will be bringing a selection of our wines which will be available to taste and purchase.

Hazel and Ash - Will be back next week.

Jacob's Raw - Will be aback in a few weeks.

Kastania Olive Oil - Kastania Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from a blend of roughly 80 percent Koroneiki olives and 20 percent Athinolyia olives. Both varieties are highly valued for their flavor and nutritional content. Our olive oil is completely organic: there are no fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals used during its cultivation or during production. And new this week - olive oil soap, beautifully skin softening.

Lancaster Hummus Co.now available at Lancaster Hummus Co. - delicious hummus and tzatziki. Stop by for a sample!. 

OMG Smoothies - will be back in August. 

Sweet Salvation Truffles - Will be back in a few weeks.

Tally Ho Coffee - Don will be back next month - hope you stocked up!

The Runcible Spoon - will be back in a few weeks.

Winsome Tea Co. - will be back in a few weeks.


Neil's Sharpening Service - Neil will be back in August.

Mark your calendar - the Downingtown Farmers Market will reopen for our 2015 season on May 9th, in the Dane Decor Warehouse Parking Lot (on Washington Ave., right behind the store) from 9AM - 1PM.

We are so excited for our new location; many thanks the folks from Dane Decor for allowing us to use their property!

The 2015 market season promises to be fantastic! We have lots of farmers and food producers, all local, signed up for the market this year. You'll recognize most of them, but we have a few new folks to welcome to the market this year. Our list will be out in a few weeks - we'll let you know on Facebook!

We like to keep you entertained at the market - know a musician who might be interested in playing at the market - have them contact us.

We've got a few new tricks up our sleeve for the 2015 season. Be sure you're signed up for the weekly newsletter to stay informed of all of our events. You can sign up for the newsletter below.

Have a high school or college student interested in the farmer market - we're always looking for interns - contact us!

Community Farmers Markets are great! 

Why shop at the Downingtown Farmers Market - Top Ten Reasons To Shop at a Farmers Market:

  1. Our farmers and food producers are all located within 35 miles of Downingtown, giving local farmers and small food businesses the opportunity to sell their product directly to you, the consumer. Keeping the money, and the talent, in our community.
  2.  By supporting our local farmers in their business, you are also supporting the development of our local food system, enabling our region to increase agricultural sustainability.
  3. Produce at the market is as fresh as can be, often times picked the day of the market. The fresher the produce, the higher the nutrient value of that produce.
  4. You, the shopper, have the opportunity to talk with the person who grew, raised or made your food. Want to know how a farmer raises his chickens, you can ask him. Were the berries treated with chemicals - just ask the gal that grew them. Any nuts in the cookies - ask. You get the idea. Farmers markets give you the opportunity to learn all about where your food came from.  
  5. Learn to eat with the season, when produce is at its peak. Why, well it tastes better, and it's higher in nutrients. Plus - it's cheaper - the bounty of each season means there are usually great deals on that item. Buy it fresh, eat it fresh, or preserve it to enjoy in the winter. 
  6. Bring the kids - farmers markets offer a great educational opportunity to teach your kids where food comes from. Show them to appreciate that food is not something out of a can, or a jar, or the frozen food section of the supermarket. A farmer raised his animals, grew the produce, milked the cow. A baker kneaded the bread, and so on.
  7. Eat whole foods. Learn to cook with basic ingredients you find at the market to create wonderful dishes. The farmers market blog will give you great ideas of what to do with that vegetable you bought at the market, but never saw before in your life. 
  8. Farmers market are a community event. Stop by to shop with folks who have the same philosophy as you when it comes to food.
  9. Help to protect our environment by shopping at the market. Our farmers are conscious stewards of the earth. They practice organic farming techniques, state of the are animal husbandry, water management, and more. And they are passionate about it - just ask them!   
  10. Farmers markets often become the stimulus to foodie wanna be's to start their own food related business. We love new recruits! 

Suggestions for the Downingtown Farmers Market - Please email us!

And, again, many thanks to the folks at Dane Decor!

Check out our new location?

We are located in the Dane Decor Warehouse Parking Lot, just behind the store. 


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